Westie breeder en PR?

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Westie breeder en PR?

Notapor EricinUSVI » 01 Abr 2012, 17:25


Si es possible, sera mejor si yo uso Ingles :)

Our family lives in the Virgin Islands (US). We have one Westie, Angus, but Angus lost his older brother last month (he passed away in my arms...)

Angus, and us, would very much like to have a baby brother. The timeframe is end of next month/beginning of May.

Could someone PLEASE recommend a good breeder en Puerto Rico of Westies?

I thank you so much for your time.


Eric Laimins and the Laimins family

(en St. John: 340-714-3915 o mobilo: 340-690-4345)
email: elaimins@aol.com
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Re: Westie breeder en PR?

Notapor Jesús Pastor » 02 Abr 2012, 09:50

Breeding is like cooking. Not all of us are able to do a good job in the kitchen or in breeding no matter how good our intentions are.
Only time will tell who is succeeding in that task.

About westies in PR, I can tell you I heard bad words about some breeders and that I know of people that are beginning with very good intention. We provide them with good foundation stock.
I can ask their permission to give you their e-mail.
But you should contact the PR Kennel Club. Only they have a complete view of what’s going on in the island and in the world.

In any case we can always send you a good one from Spain.
Best wishes
Jesús Pastor
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